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Locating people with dementia- Freedom to forget

Stella Care offers a world class GPS-system. The system is used by relatives
and caregivers, to locate people with dementia when he or she is missing.See our products

Stella Care solves a problem in society by utilizing and building on existing technology so it can be used for other purposes than what was originally intended.

The GPS is developed with the help of the users therefore they are very easy to use. IT can be used from an app on your smartphone.

THE APP AUTOMATICALLY TELLS THE USER IF THE GPS-TRACKER IS TURNED OFF OR IF THE BATTERY LEVEL IS LOW. The App also gives an alarm, if the user leaves the predefined area.

The GPS TRACKERS are available in various designs, such as a wristwatch or a small box. The GPS is designed to be worthy for the user to wear.

Tools for tracking people with dementia

The product consists of two parts. A GPS-tracker and an APP. The person with dementia carries the GPS, while the app typically is used by caregivers or relatives.

We call our APP the Care Tracker

With the Care Tracker, we solve a societal problem by offering a world-class GPS-tracker to people with dementia, so relatives and caregivers always are able to find them.

Dignity for the person with dementia

The GPS-Trackers are available in various designs, either as a wristwatch, a small box. It gives dignity to the person with dementia to be able to carry the GPS device discreetly or invisibly on the body.

Stella Care offers a variety of GPS-Trackers for tracking people with dementia. They each meet different needs for either relatives or caregivers.

Here you see a selection of our GPS-Trackers for people with dementia.

Improved quality of life by tracking of people with dementia

Since 2012, our goal has been to provide safety and security for people with dementia, their relatives and nursing staff.

Our Care Tracker enables the person with dementia to maintain their freedom.
Freedom to move around independently, without making relatives or nursing staff worried that the person will disappear without a trace.

Our customers praise us for our user-friendly and secure system. A system which many municipalities already use, and which has helped many missing citizens home. Watch the movie to see how Stella Care started.

See how Stella Care started in the movie her.

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Over 50 municipalities have already chosen Stella Care

The map shows which municipalities have discovered the value of Stella Care’s products and services and achieved the greatest possible freedom and security.

See the map to freedom

Need to know more about Stella Care’s services?

Get more information about our service, private customers or guides to our products here.

Our service

By offering a high level of support, we strive to ease the daily tasks associated with managing the GPS trackers. We offer a variety of services to help our customers, to secure that focus can remain on nursing and carrying for the elderly.

See the benefits here

Private customers

If you as an individual consumer wants to buy a GPS tracker, without the help from your municipality, you can read more about the procedure here. The municipality often offers to lend you a GPS tracker. If this is not the case, you can contact us directly.

For private customers

Instruction manuals

Our instruction manuals give you an introduction to each of our GPS trackers and our user-friendly app. We strive to provide user-friendly solutions, and our app is developed in collaboration with our customers, to secure an easy and intuitive system.

See manuals

The Care Tracker provides peace of mind for all parties, ensuring people with dementia the freedom to continue an active life.

We always recommend that you as a private person contact the municipality’s dementia coordinators or the auxiliary department. In most cases, the municipality offers a GPS-tracker and will assist you through the procurement process. If it is not possible to get a GPS tracker through the municipality, please contact us.

Latest News

Latest news about our products and the dementia area in general.

Faxe Municipality’s dementia team cannot praise Stella Care and their products enough. There is always quick help and guidance. Our shoulder has sunk into place as we know the GPS is working.

We are more secure for the safety of our citizens now. Citizen who got GPS Watch Rose says ”How great is this? I feel like I have won the lottery.” Another citizen cried when she got the Rosa GPS Watch, afterwards she did not want the watch, it was too nice.

We have been given time off for other work as Stella Care stands receiving the guidance of the GPS. Stella Care is always welcoming and extremely friendly. They are real professionals.
Vi har fået tid frigivet til andet arbejde, da Stella Care står får vejledningen af GPS. Stella Care er altid imødekommende og yderst venlige. De er virkelige professionelle..

The GPS solution from Stella Care has meant that my mother has been able to stay longer in her own home. It has provided her with accomplishments and a sense of being able to take care of herself. The GPS tracker is a tremendous help. Being able to do the things we normally do together with my mother without having to keep an eye on her constantly has meant a great deal for both parts. We have also brought the GPS along on international travels, where the GPS solution has been indispensable.

Annie Holm Andersen

Just wanted to tell you that the mother of one of my friends suffers from dementia and she has recently received a GPS tracker from Stella Care. It is great! The family has been fighting to get her nursing home to replace the one she had, which wasn’t functioning. Now, they are able to track her and bring her safely back to the nursing home. What a comfort this has been to the relatives. You are superheroes.

Kit Bryde.

I highly recommend this company, their products, and the people behind it! My recommendation is based on a professional and personal knowledge of the persons that make up the company, of the products, and of the added value and safety they provide healthcare professionals, users, and relatives.

Dan Kornbek Christiansen, Senior Citizen and Care Consultant, Glostrup Municipality.

We use the GPS wristwatch, with and without lock, as well as the small GPS pad. The GPS wristwatch is best suited for men. it is easier to persuade an elderly gentleman to look sharp with a new wristwatch than it is to persuade a lady. We really like the small GPS pad. It is easy to hide under someone’s clothes, place discretely in his or her belt, hang from a purse or the like. This ensures that people with dementia can maintain their dignity. We have now used Stella Care’s products for almost two years. Stella Care reacts promptly and provides an unusually good service. At the same time, it is wonderful that they are open to changes, practically and regarding instructions.

Gitte Nissen, Department for Assistive Technology, Rødovre Municipality.

How is it possible to introduce and instruct in the use of a GPS tracker in less than 10 minutes? That is what Stella Care did 🙂 and as a dementia consultant my every conceivable and unconceivable question was answered. I was convinced. Competent and professional cooperation with Stella Care, who meets me “where I am”. The product is fantastically user-friendly and easy to operate, and the service level is high. Thank you for the cooperation!

Kate Espe, Dementia Consultant, Greve Municipality.

On the basis of a thorough test of selected products, we chose Stella Care, who has the best product on the market in our opinion. We paid special attention to user-friendliness, precision, stability, and security within the system. The caregivers are happy to use it in their daily work. they find it easy to use, and additionally, it meets our high demands to precision, security, and stability. Today, we only use the Care Tracker system from Stella Care. Stella Care is an innovative company and we are extremely happy to work with them.

Richard Nørskov, Technical Consultant, Aarhus Municipality.

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