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Care Tracker app

User-friendly app for GPS tracking

We have developed an app that is simple and easy to use. Our app automatically tells user if there is nothing wrong.

We have developed a simple and user-friendly app. Our app automatically informs the user, when something is wrong. For instance, if the GPS is offline or the battery level is low. If the GPS has a geo fence, an alarm will be given when the person moves outside the geo fence. The app user can easily track the person with dementia’s GPS tracker- updating every second.

The app is available for iPhone (4s and newer versions), and for Android.

The functionality of the app

A list of connected GPS trackers is shown on a list on the smartphone. Four GPS trackers are connected to this phone. The icon to the far left indicates the status of the GPS tracker. The status can be:

  • Normal

  • Warning

  • Alarm

Normal is indicated by a green tick. Everything is OK. A grey icon indicates that no info comes from the GPS tracker, most likely because it is switched off. Warning is indicated by a yellow exclamation mark. The user must pay attention to something. Alarm is marked by a red exclamation mark, which means that the GPS tracker is outside of the geo fence.

When changing from normal to warning or alarm, the smartphone alarms the user.

The battery symbol to the far right indicates the battery status of the GPS tracker. The smartphone alerts the user when the GPS tracker is down to three hours of remaining battery life.

By clicking on a GPS tracker on the list, the location of the GPS tracker is shown on a map. The location is automatically updated. The arrow indicates which way the person wearing the tracker is moving.

You can also see your own location if you want to. Your location is shown by a blue dot. This can be of use if you are in an area unknown to you.

On top is the name of the person wearing the GPS tracker. In addition, the nearest address is shown. Latest location shows the time at which the GPS tracker last received a precise satellite location.

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