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Mira GPS Watch

Mira GPS watch is the latest product in our range.
Mira has a feminine design. The dial measures 40mm.

Mira GPS Watch

The watch is named after the giant star Mira, which has a beautiful red gold glow. The watch is beautiful as well as feminine and the person with dementia will carry it with pleasure. In this way, it creates value and security for both caregivers, relatives and the person with dementia.

Read more about the specifications for Mira below or go to instructions, here you can read the product leaflet for the Mira GPS watch.

HMI-nr: 123129

Why Choose Mira GPS?

  • Modern and feminine design
  • Latest model in the range
  • Discreet everyday product

Lease per month (everything incl.): DKK 686,25

Purchase (excl. subscription fee): DKK 3.743,75
Subscription fee per month when purchasing: DKK 498,75

Prices are incl. VAT


Features of the Mira GPS watch

Time between new locations15 sec.
Battery life24-45 hours
Compatible with geo fence (down to)20 metres
Compatible with lockable watch strapYes
Compatible with Home Zone Power SaverYes
Tracking via user-friendly app on smartphone and tabletYes
Tracking via PCYes
Two-way speech functionalityYes
Charger and charging cable includedYes

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